About me


Gentle disclaimer: This is a LONG page with a plenty of text. But if you get to the bottom, I can assure you, you'll find me a lot more relatable than what you started with. :) 

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Hello and welcome, I’m Ram!

I’m a Wedding Photographer living in beautiful Bangalore (India) married to the best woman I’ve ever known. I’m often found with a giant bag of chips and my laptop in my favorite corner of our home – the balcony, aimlessly daydreaming of the next big getaway. 

Things were stark different a few years ago, I was a geeky Manufacturing Engineer working on the power conversion modules (*yikes*) in Boston USA, and now all I do is make happy wedding pictures. I get to work with the most incredible couples who trust me to document one of the most memorable days of their lives. 

I believe that wedding photographs and the memories that they capture are massively important. I'm not in this to win competitions, awards or Instagram likes. I do it because I love my job and what I create.

I believe in real connection over just pretty pictures. I believe my job is done right if I can make photographs that portray the truest version of you.

I love to work with couples who know that their Wedding photography is an investment, and trust me fully with documenting the day as it unfolded and also want to get creative with me to create some incredible photographs. If you think we’re going to get along like a house on fire and are interested in working with someone who is just as excited about your Wedding photos as you are, then you should definitely get in touch.




It was the 30th floor of the famous One Shell Square in Downtown Louisiana on a cold winter morning. I was sitting through yet another excruciatingly painful 8AM meeting. As I stared into the blank space over the projector screen, the only thought running in my head was :

what if, in five years, all I have is a deep regret for not pursuing the one thing I felt a deep passion for...  

And without a second thought, within a week I had made up my mind for the biggest leap of faith I could have taken. So yes, I quit a well-paying job, a decent lifestyle and stayed away from a new marriage to be shooting weddings for India’s biggest wedding photographer.