Namrata + Kiran | Hyderabad Wedding @ The Taj Deccan

I'll read this essay before getting to the pictures." - No one ever! 

So, everytime I make one of these blogposts, I dread writing all things nice about the wedding, coz, I truly fear failing to translate all things as good as they were and also, part of me believes that there’s nothing you can add with words that the pictures themselves can’t speak of. 

Namrata & Kiran’s wedding was special. And special because of the people they are. For a photographer, its a blessing when the couple/family they get to work with are kind, warm and nice. But through the 4 days we were a part of their celebrations, these wonderfully warm people were a lot many more adjectives than just nice and warm. And to that, add the fact that they genuinely did know how they wanted their celebrations to go down. 

Namrata & Kiran, It was an honor to be part of your wedding and to have your faith in us to document it well. 

Here’s to you. And here’s to the perfect team I couldn’t have done without: Arjun, Narasimha, Santhosh, Varun & Vignesh. 

Photos by : Ram, Varun Suresh, Narasimha Kommula.
Video : Arjun Shetty, Santhosh V, Vignesh Bhat.
Makeup & Hair: Faye Harris