Frequently Asked Questions


Let me try and answer a few obvious and most frequently asked ones. LET's GO! 

Q1. Where are you based?

Bangalore, India.

Q2. How many years have you been doing this?.

I started in 2013 as a lead photographer for India's most renowned wedding photography business: Stories by Joseph Radhik. It's been ~3.5 years since I've been doing this full-time!

Q3. Do you travel for weddings ?

Yes! This is something we excitedly look forward to! I/we have shot weddings across several cities in India that include Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Udaipur, Ooty, Visakhapatnam to name a few.

Abroad, I've shot weddings in Maldives, Mauritius and a few in the US.

Q4. You keep saying 'we'? Who's 'we'?

Most weddings assignments take more than just a single photographer to do a comprehensive job! For this, (thanks to a great network of some amazing photographers) I collaborate with some to bring together a team that can do perfect justice for the assigned job.

I've shot alone at some very intimate weddings and with a team of 10+ for some very big fat Indian weddings.

The size of 'we - the team' depends on the size and scale of your event and your requirements in terms of coverage.

Q5. What is your style ?

I/we tend to blend in and document the real essence of the wedding as the day naturally unfolds. We shoot unobtrusively for the most part (say 90%) but direct (about 10%) the shots when there's an opportunity to make some beautiful portraits. Overall, the aim is to be comprehensive in our coverage, with a good blend of contemporary and a pinch of the traditional pictures that keep the parents happy. :)

We strive to make images that are timeless, rich in the moment, vibrant and filled with emotion and provide our clients with a beautiful visual narrative of their wedding day.. The images are delivered as crisp and beautiful as the moments visibly were.

Q6. We really would like some group pictures taken. Do you take them?

Of course! I strongly believe in those pictures as they're a record of your entire family at a very important celebration in your life.

Q7. How many pictures do you typically deliver from a wedding?

A wedding with 3 events (say, Mehendi, Sangeet & Wedding) generally yields 500-700 images.

Q8. Do you deliver every image you shoot ?

No. A great chunk of the unfiltered set comprises of test shots, duplicates, shots with totally unflattering expressions and so on.

Also, I know for a fact that going through thousands of pictures to pick the best isn't really worth your time. Leave that to us. :)

Of course. We take great pride in the consistency of images we deliver. And to present you with a realistic expectation of what your deliveries might look like, we insist on showing you an entire gallery from a recent wedding. These links are included in our first communication with you after you submit an inquiry here.

Q10. How do you deliver these images?

Neatly organized in a dedicated password-protected online gallery. You'll be able to easily download these images in 1) full resolution for print and ii) web resolution for easy sharing over social media.

Q11. What are your delivery timelines like ?

All clients usually see their initial preview of images within a week from the wedding. The entire set of digital photos is delivered in 4-6 weeks from the day of the last event.

Q12. Do you offer albums ?

Yes! Giving you your wedding memories in a beautifully crafted album is something we deeply believe in.

We work with some of the best-known names in the photo album industry to create and deliver some very beautiful wedding photo albums.

Cheers! Ram

So far, so good?