Namrata + Kiran | Hyderabad Wedding @ The Taj Deccan

Namrata and Kiran’s wedding was special. And special because of the people they are. For a photographer, its a blessing when the couple/family they get to work with are kind, warm and nice. But through the 4 days we were a part of their celebrations, these wonderfully warm people were a lot many more adjectives than just nice and warm. And to that, add the fact they they genuinely did know how they wanted their celebrations to go down. 

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A girl visits Iceland.

11 days. 3400kms. A journey around the destination of our dreams and stories that'll last a lifetime. 

While laying out these pictures took considerable time, it's taking even longer to articulate what an experience it was. Witnessing the surreal beauty of a land like that isn't easy to explain in words. From volcanoes, cliffs and rivers to countless waterfalls, glaciers, icebergs and the mighty blue ocean, we got to see it all. From struggling to pitch a tent on day 1, to spending the next 8 nights in it; from going to sleep with the fear of getting frozen to waking up in a hot tent, we saw it all. 

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